InsideOut Advising

Built on the premise that organizational success occurs at the intersection of great people, processes and systems.

Connecting the circles

InsideOut Advising is a management consultancy passionate about collaborating with individuals and business leaders to overcome hurdles impacting the ability to achieve their goals. InsideOut Advising was built on the premise that organizational success occurs at the intersection of great people, clearly defined processes and easy-to-use systems.

InsideOut Advising offers a variety of solutions focused on the 3 essential elements of success:  People. Processes. Systems. Through collaborative partnerships, develop and deliver customized solutions via facilitated workshops, individual coaching, or project-based contract services.

InsideOut Advising's engagements begin with a series of conversations to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the clients business - including culture, brand, growth strategy, product/services, obstacles and talent capabilities.

What we do

Career Coaching

Helping clients understand who they are, where they want to go and how they're going to get there.

- Resume Development

- Interview Preparation

- Job Search Strategies

Business Advising

Collaborate with leaders to develop strategies and solutions for real-world business challenges.

- Develop Strategic Plans

- Facilitate Change Initiatives

- Mentor Leaders

How we do it

Career Coaching

Design customized engagement plans based on client goals and objectives, current needs and timeframe.

- Assessments

- Discovery Exercises

- Mock Interviews​

Business Advising

Based on the culture, mission, vision and values, creates targeted business strategies & solutions.

- Collaborative Work Sessions
- Facilitate Group Meetings
- Individualized Coaching

About Us

Our Beliefs

Great people are the nucleus for business success. Enterprises with engaged, productive, empowered employees will realize higher levels of customer satisfaction and growth. Similarly, effective leadership will improve employee retention metrics, enable innovation and foster collaboration and communication.

Imperatives to organizational success:

  • Understanding as a leader, and an enterprise - who you are, where you want to go and how you intend to get there.
  • Investment in people, processes and systems are essential to productivity and employee engagement.
  • Development programs designed to level-up formal and informal leaders provides critical leadership bench strength, essential to business operations for today and succession planning for tomorrow.
  • Creative talent acquisition strategies via return-to-work programs, internships or re-training existing staff are essential alternatives to traditional methods for hiring human capital.

Teri DePuy, Principal 

With experience in management encompassing a 9-1-1 Communications Center to software implementation and development for a technology company, Teri launched an upwardly progressive career where she experienced first-hand the growing pains businesses face in a competitive environment. Teri’s experiences range from bootstrap startup to publicly traded companies, where she managed $100M P&L. She is honored to share her perspectives, strategies and lessons learned to enable her clients achieve their goals.